In January, 2017 board member Janae Rockemore a recent Temple University Graduate and current candidate for the Miss. Philadelphia Scholarship Pageant led a public speaking workshop at the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center. She taught the youth members at SMLC about the importance of projecting your voice and speaking with confidence. Janae describes herself as a an effervescent woman with an ardency for education the arts and advocacy for the youth. Since her joining of DonCARES of Philadelphia in October, 2016 Janae has embodied the founding principles of a DonCARES mentor which are care and consistency. Janae’s passion for education as well as youth mentorship has inspired many including Donovan Forrest. He says “Janae’s professionalism and care for all she comes into contact with make her a heck of a team player.” Great job completing your degree and best of luck in your future endeavors Miss Rockemore!

(Above: Board member Dominique (R) talking with a youth member at the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center)

In September, 2016 freshman business major Dominique Beckham and her friend Kaya Jones joined DonCARES of 3 Philadelphia as volunteer mentors. Dominique is originally from Pittsburgh and is very involved on campus. As a consistent and passionate mentor for inner-city youth, Dominique uses her knowledge of dance from her high school experience to give advice to younger students. After graduation Dominique hopes to start her own non-profit to help underprivleged girls find mentors. In November, 2016 Dominique and Kaya participated in the Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi’s annual Shimmy Like A Nupe. We are lucky to have you both!

DonCARES of Philadelphia is a non-profit organization founded by Temple University education major Donovan Forrest. The organization aims to bridge the gap between youth in the North Philadelphia community and Temple University. The organization started as a vision in September 2015, and since has grown into a dedicated team of ten college students who tutor and mentor youth at the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center and the U School in North Philadelphia. The organization’s mission is to provide youth with positive role models who counter traditional stereotypes. DonCARES of Philadelphia’s vision for Philadelphia is for students citywide to each have a college student mentor and to grant scholarships to inner-city youth prior to their matriculation to college. The organization is currently filing for 501c3 tax-exempt status.

Starting in January, 2017 DonCARES of Philadelphia will partner with the School District of Philadelphia and the U School at 7th and Norris Streets and tutor students at the relatively new project based learning high school led by principal Neil Geyette.

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