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Message from the President


For seven years, DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. has held steadfast to its mission of providing quality mentoring services for high school students in North Philadelphia. Our many programs serve our community full circle, from working one-on-one with high school students to fighting food insecurity and prepping students for job placement, we take pride in the dedication of our mentors, community partners, donors, and volunteers to make this happen.
As a 501 (c) (3) recognized school-based non-profit organization of college students of color, we diligently serve high school-aged students from all over the City of Philadelphia. Since 2016, we have provided mentoring, tutoring services, professional development, and internship opportunities for students at Strawberry Mansion Learning Center, The U School, Kensington High School, Benjamin Franklin High School, Frankford High School, Kensington High School, and Microsoft School of the Future just to name a few.
In a city where over 60,000 kids live under the poverty guideline, and 1/3 youth will grow up without a mentor our "why" is clear. At DonCARES we believe that the people who represent higher education and academic success matter. When our high school students see their mentors are twenty-something-year-old college students of color, their perspective of what can be achieved can change.
On behalf of our entire organization, we wish you the best in your endeavors and hope to see you at some of our programs. Always remember that even if you don't mentor our organization you can still be someone who matters to someone who matters.

Best Wishes,

Donovan W. Forrest

Founder & CEO


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