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Empowerment Events

Facilitators support the learning environment in school settings to improve student's confidence to set goals for themselves and also achieve them.  Facilitators may identify strengths and barriers youth bring to the academic/school setting, assist students with problem solving and developing positive communication skills and/or coping behaviors. 


 Facilitators/presenters will:  


  • Make a positive difference in youth  

  • Develop positive means to interact with students/re-direct students to productive classroom/school behaviors and habits

  • Follow directions of the teaching staff and support students in completing classroom work

  • Identify strengths and barriers students bring to the academic setting and share observations with teacher staff

  • Encourage youth to be active in school, Hang-Time, family and community events

  • Consider attending mentoring support sessions available

  • Document progress and concerns to school staff or as requested

  • Be a positive role-model and contribute to the success of students

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