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Academic Tutoring 

Our primary focus is to promote the academic success of all students who connect with our organization. Students matched to a mentor will be closely guided not only in their personal and professional pursuits but in their educational careers as well. By working one-on-one with students, tutors will be able to identify learning weaknesses that classroom teachers are apt to overlook in crowded classrooms. Through homework assistance, test preparation, core concept breakdowns, and creative learning strategies, students will be gifted with keys to unlock their academic greatness.  


We offer:


  • Expert pairing with college tutors who have excelled in their specified subject(s).

  •  Personalized learning strategies.

  • Access to tutors by email and bi-weekly school visits.

  • Integrated experience with regular check-ins with parents, teachers, and school counselors.

  •  Guidance from initial match up to the college admissions process.

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