MLK Day of Service

(Crystal and Elias sorting books at our MLK Day of Service Flea Market hosted by the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center in conjunction with ENG (NonProfit)

On January 16, 2017, the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center in conjunction with ENG (non-profit) and DonCARES of Philadelphia hosted a free flea market for members of the Strawberry Mansion community. Community members received free clothes, winter coats, books, and much more. Starting at eight in the morning, members of all three organizations shuffled into the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center bringing boxes of donations and helping to organize the traditional learning center into a flea market. Founder and President Donovan Forrest posted his reflections on MLK Day in 2016. “One year ago today DonCARES of Philadelphia was merely an idea, a desire to do well, a post on LinkedIn with a one word mission statement: advocating for youth while promoting education. In December of 2015, I scrambled to launch a program that was so dear to affect youth, and positively me, an organization that would directly in North Philadelphia. My twitter account that had twenty followers was my platform for explaining our launch.

#January18th #Watch out #Doncaresphila I wanted to launch on MLK Day of 2016, and I worked hard to do so. However, our site where we wanted to host workshops told us that we should take our proposal back and edit it, and perhaps resubmit it for a day later in March or April. I was discouraged, but I did not give up. We were inactive for a few months after that, and then in April 2016, I felt the need to move forward with our cause. Fast forward, a year later and we will have a successful MLK Day.

On January 16, 2017, we will co-host a flea market, a neighborhood clean-up, and a public speaking contest with youth in Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia. We will be in collaboration with two additional non-profits, The Strawberry Mansion Learning Center, and ENG (Non-Profit) in Philadelphia. Patience, hard work, and dedication will make this happen. There is power in not giving up. I'm forever thankful.”

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