DonCARES Speaks at Cristo Rey High School

On Friday, September 8, 2017, DonCARES Founder and Executive Director Donovan Forrest had the opportunity to speak to high school students at Cristo Rey High School. Cristo Rey is a private, Catholic high school in North Philadelphia.

Forrest was invited to speak to students during their Annual Holy Spirit Kick-Off Day. The topic of his speech was: persistence. Forrest who grew up in a neighborhood not too far from the high school explained his journey growing up in Olney and graduating high school. "Growing up I had a lot of struggles with my mental and behavioral health. However, I overcame those obstacles to create a non-profit that provides free tutoring and mentoring services to students in North Philadelphia." Forrest explained.

A teary-eyed Forrest explained the moment when he was refreshed of his purpose. "I was explaining to pews full of high school students that I had a CBH file as thick as a mattress. But when I told them how many mentors we provided our students last year the whole room broke out in applause." Forrest explained how grateful he was for the positive reinforcement from the students. "It's one thing for someone to tell you-you're doing great. It's another thing when an entire congregation of high school students claps for you." Forrest said.

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