Here is Why More College Students of Color Should Become Mentors

December 15, 2017




An American tragedy is that one in three young people in America will reach their 18th Birthday without ever having a mentor. An even bigger tragedy is that there are people of color who are enrolled in colleges across the United States who have the power to change this harrowing statistic but do not.  

Growing up in Philadelphia I was exposed to the heartbreaking news that another young person was a victim of gun violence or the perpetrator of a violent crime.  While I studied at the Millersville University of Pennsylvania, I became a first-year experience mentor simply because I knew the positive impact I could have on a person's life... I was lucky.  


I was lucky because growing up my mother and I searched ardently for a mentor for my younger brother and me.  

Working in the non-profit industry and as a program director, I've had my fair share of screening mentors. 


A common factor that I found in those interested in becoming a mentor and those who were inconsistent in their mentoring activities were each person's childhood experiences. I found through careful analysis that each of my mentors who had a mentoring relationship with a trusted