Mentorship Wins in North Philly

Starting in September 2017, DonCARES Mentor Brittani Canty and her mentee Kat Geiger began their weekly sessions at the U School in North Philly. Kat is an intelligent and zealous Senior at Principal Neil Geyette's Innovative High School at 7th and Norris Streets in North Philadelphia. Her mentor Brittani is an honors student at Temple University. Both young women are in two different places in their lives but both share a common goal which is to get an education.

"We're like the same person." Brittani said to President Donovan Forrest after her first meeting Kat on a sweltering late Summer day. "Yeah, I know... It's kind of funny how things work out. You two will be great!" Forrest exclaimed. Since their becoming a match, the two scholars have grown to become sisters.

"Brittani is great!" Kat expressed when she was asked about her relationship with Brittani. Last year President Donovan Forrest worked with Kat as her writing tutor. "I feel like we had a decent relationship as tutor and tutee last school year. It was when Kat asked me how she should go about getting a date to her junior prom that I realized something had to change. I was clueless..." Forrest remembers while laughing. "I met Brittani a few weeks later and decided from that moment that it was better for our mentees who are young women to be matched with our mentors who are women. It makes sense because I had no idea how to give advice on junior prom. I barely went myself."

Both Brittani and Donovan are excited to see Kat take her initial steps in applying for college. "Wherever she decides to go for her college education we will be here to support her all the way. Kat is like a little sister to both of us and we're glad to be sources of support." Forrest said regarding both he and Brittani's relationship with their mentee.