SALT Conversations

On November 3, 2017, the ladies of DonCARES of Philadelphia in conjunction with the women of the National Council of Negro Women Temple Section hosted our second SALT Conversation. Our SALT Conversation is a women's only discussion on identity, self-worth, and the importance of having a vision.

The meaning of the name SALT Conversation is biblical in origin. Being described by someone as ‘the salt of the earth’ is quite a means that you are a person of great worth and reliability. During our women's only discussions, we hope to increase female students' awareness of their own importance, self-worth, and the importance of having a vision for themselves.

Among our college student guests were PR professionals, civil rights activists, make-up artists, and spiritual leaders. Our women's only conversations are to give female students at the U School the opportunity to connect with college students who were just in their shoes a few years ago. We provide an open space for young women to discuss current events, aspirations, and relationships. We believe the future and self-esteems of our young women are important to their future success. "If we can help them understand their worth during our SALT Conversations and teach our young men how to respect them during our men's conversations we believe we have done our job." DonCARES Founder Donovan Forrest says.

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