Bare Neccessities

April 23, 2018




On Tuesday, April 17th, DonCARES of Philadelphia President Donovan Forrest in conjunction with Gear-Up of Temple University conducted a resume writing and interview workshop at Kensington High School in North Philadelphia.  Kensington High School is located in a section of North Philadelphia that is largely known for its high rates of opioid addictions and homeless populations. Despite this stigma, Forrest arrived at the high school excited to learn as well as pour his experience as both employee and recruiter to very deserving ninth graders.  


"Every time I enter a high school I'm nervous.  I don't know what to expect, it's a rush of adrenaline I experience every time I walk through the metal detectors.  For whatever limited time I am there, I am obligated to make a positive difference."  Forrest reflects on his visits to schools throughout North Philadelphia.