Hidden Figures

May 6, 2018

On Friday, May 4th, DonCARES of Philadelphia and the ladies of Womin (in) Honour held a panel discussion for female students at the U School in North Philadelphia.  The name of the panel discussion was Hidden Figures.  The purpose of the panel discussion was for millennial women of color in the North Philadelphia community to share their stories of perseverance and achievement in male-dominated spaces. DonCARES of Philadelphia Founder Donovan Forrest was hoping the conversation would equip U School students with the tools neccessary to navigate potential spaces that are chockful of micro and macro-aggressions towards women of color.   Among the Hidden Figures Panelists were Brianna Morales, Kaya Jones, Tierra Jones, Chynna Wilson, and Nagiarry Porcena-Meneus.  The panel discussion was moderated by Talaya Pollard a member of Womin in Honour.  


Among the Hidden Figures panelist were five phenomenal women.  The first panelist was Nagiarry Porcena Meneus.  Nagiarry is a Temple University Student and community activist in North Philadelphia. Ms. Porcena Meneus is also a founding member of People of Color Environmental Club.  Also on the panel was Chynna Wilson. Mrs. Wilson is a retired Navy Veteran who served a tour in Afghanistan.



Chynna shared her story as a mechanic who tended to trucks to make sure they ran properly.  She also recalled her grandfather telling her that because of who she is and the color of her skin she is going to have to work 110%.  


After posting the event on her Instagram page.  A tenth-grade student commented: "Amazing having you at our school."