Mentor Spotlight: Kasey Bethea

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Senior

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

What is your favorite quote? "I don't stress out, I poke my chest out, weight on my shoulder bring the best out." - Nipsey Hussle

How long have you been a member of DonCARES of Philadelphia?

One year

What advice do you have for prospective mentors?

Being honest and real is key. This is how your mentee will begin to trust you and build the foundation of your relationship.

What do you like most about DonCARES? I admire the passion that every mentor shares to help encourage at-risk youth to value education. Also, having the ability to alter someone's day in a positive way, just being with them for little time.

What is your proudest moment at DonCARES?

My proudest moment was consistently watching my mentee Jon practice drumming, and then seeing him perform in front of the entire school.

What has being in a mentoring relationship taught you about yourself?

The mentoring relationship has taught me the importance of self-accountability. I know that I am being counted on by someone who looks up to me. I cannot afford to not follow through on my word or act inappropriately by setting a bad example.

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