Director Spotlight: Briayanna Johnson

Hometown: Peekskill, NY

Age: 20

Year/Major: Junior, Double Major African American Studies and Psychology at Temple University

How did you begin your work with DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc.?

I started my work with DonCARES of Philadelphia Inc, as a GearUp mentor last year. I helped foster a partnership with DonCARES and GearUp at Kensington High School, along with Brianna Morales, through professionalism, resume building, and interview etiquette workshops.

How has mentoring work influenced your career decisions?

Mentoring work has only emphasized my passion for helping people. I want to become a counseling psychologist with a focus on adolescent development and education in urban cities. Mentoring and actually working with the population I plan to start my career it has been an amazing experience, to say the least. I feel as though education is the pathway to success or a key to a chance at socioeconomic mobility. Our minority children in urban areas don't always get the same resources or opportunities as their counterparts in different areas and I feel as though more people need to do work to change that. Tutoring and mentoring organizations just like DonCARES are so necessary to bridge that gap and help the youth see and believe a brighter future is possible.

What do you like most about DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc?:

What I like most about DonCARES of Philadelphia is the drive, compassion, and determination of its mentors to make a difference in their mentee's lives. They pride themselves on being a positive influence or even just a person they can count on. It amazing to see the impact that people who come to the school through DonCARES whether it be mentors or members of Temple University Student Organizations, they leave a lasting imprint on the students.

As a member of the board of directors, how do you plan to further DonCARES mission in North Philadelphia?:

As a member of the board of directors, I plan to further the DonCARES mission in Philadelphia by getting the students more engaged in outside academic enrichment. I want them to get a chance to see what students at Temple take part in academically or within extracurricular organizations. I also want to extend our partnerships to reach further throughout North Philadelphia so our great mission and work that we do can touch more students.

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