Mentee Spotlight: Jay Acevedo

Grade: 10

Current School Attending:

The U School When did you get involved with DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc?

I was introduced to DonCARES in 9th Grade What opportunities have you been involved in since participating in the DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. mentoring program?

I have been involved in many great opportunities since participating in DonCARES. I was introduced to a youth theatre production company and I've participated in 2 productions and still work with them going on my second year now. I've also learned about businesses, job opportunities, as well as how to tie a tie(Which don't mistake is something important). What impact has mentoring had on your educational experience? I say mentoring has had a positive effect on my educational experience. It has shown me what education leads to and how to pursue education and why I should. What part of mentoring do you value most? I would say the thing I value most from mentoring is overall, because I honestly can't choose a favorite. The overall help the mentor offers is just great and the support is amazing.

What do you like most about your mentor?

I like most about my mentor is his understanding, he listens to what I have to say, values my input and he tries his best to understand what I want as well as how to get it. What else would you like others to know about DonCARES? DonCARES is honestly amazing, and I think everyone should know all about them. They truly care about the youth and wish the upmost best for the young people of Philadelphia and will do their best to help youth achieve their goals.

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