DonCARES Speaks at UPenn

On Saturday, December 15, 2018, our founder and executive director Donovan Forrest had the unique opportunity to speak to middle-school students at Junior Youth Action, Inc's Saturday program at the University of Pennsylvania. During the discussion, Forrest described the social problems that fuel the work of DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. Mentors.

Earlier that week, Brianna Morales, a program director at Philadelphia Youth Action, Inc, asked Forrest to come in and speak to her students. What he expected was far from a daunting task.

"When Brianna initially told me she had a question for me I immediately thought: speaking engagement. and before we even got on the phone to discuss it, my answer was a yes." Forrest who usually speaks to high school students was even more thrilled to talk to middle-schoolers about social problems and service. At the beginning of his presentation, Forrest defined social problems for the students: "To me, social problems are a factor or phenomena that disrupt peace and harmony." Poverty, violence, and inequality are all forms of social problems.

The social problems that drive our work at DonCARES are lack of representation in education and juvenile justice. Unsurprisingly, the middle-school students seem to catch on. The students who are part of Philadelphia Youth Action, Inc. are working on service projects and were curious where to start.

Towards the end of his conversation with the students, Forrest was asked a montage of questions ranging from what inspired his founding of his non-profit, what he would do if he didn't found his own organization, and how they could start their own business.