DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. receives grant from Health Partners Foundation

DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. is honored to announce it has received a $1,000 grant from Health Partners Foundation to help youth continue to value education and service in North Philadelphia. With the support of the Health Partners Foundation, DonCARES will hold a social justice essay writing contest at The U School during Black History Month. There will be two prompts for 9th-10th grade and 11th-12th grade. The prompt which has not been announced as of yet will ask students to critically analyze social issues facing young adults of color in the United States and the Caribbean. In addition, high school student participants will pitch their best and brightest solution to many of the human rights, and social justice issues facing young adults of color.

The application will be sent out to teachers and school counselors on January 28th and will be open for three weeks. Winners of the essay contest will be announced on February 25th. There will be four winners- 1st place, and runner-up for both grade groups. The objective of the essay contest is to motivate students to think critically about social issues and possible solutions while also monetarily awarding well thought, original, and organized essays.

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