Second Annual Temple Black Men's Forum

February 24, 2019

 On Thursday, February 21, 2019 DonCARES & Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hard work, hosted the second annual Temple Black Men's Forum. The purpose of our second annual Temple's Black Men Forum is to foster a supportive atmosphere of brotherhood among the black male community on campus. We are concerned with the political, social, and cultural issues regarding black men and women on Temple University’s campus and beyond, and we promote greater awareness and understanding of these issues through all appropriate means, including panel discussions, meetings, seminars, and active engagement with the community.


Among the panelists was Anthony Cobb, Mark Beckham, Kevin Jackson, Narayan Felix, and Davone McCord. Mr. Cobb is an astute individual and senior at Temple University. He will also graduate from Temple University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May. Mark Bec