Interview Workshop with The Temple Owlettes

On Monday, April 1, 2019, DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. and The Temple Owlettes hosted a interview workshop for 10th grade students at The U School in North Philadelphia. The Owlettes are a majorette dance team at Temple University that was founded in 2018. The Owlettes became interested in serving in the community after DonCARES announced they were looking for an organization to collaborate with at The U School.

The Bare Necessities is an initiative for students that focuses on career building, resume workshops, and interview etiquette. During the workshop DonCARES Executive Director Donovan Forrest, DonCARES Volunteer Mentor Madison Brown, and a few other Temple Owlettes gave tips and tricks to our U School attendees about navigating the workforce as women & people of color.

Touching on sexual harrassment, stereotypes of women of color, and conflict, The Owlettes encouraged our high school student attendees to hold their head high and always be bigger than the situation before them. In addition, both Forrest and Madison discussed the importance of showing up on time to the interview and highlighting personal accomplishments during your interview.

"Don't be afraid to brag. If you have gotten perfect attendance throughout high school, say that! Employers will know that you are dependent and professional." Temple Owlette Tahjanae said.

Madison Brown, a Temple Sophomore demonstrated what proper interview attire looks like for female job applicants while Forrest demonstrated proper interview attire for young men. As both Brown and Forrest are college students, they highlighted that most jobs that high schoolers apply to won't require them to wear suits. Forrest discussed the importance of being neat, wearing a belt, and pulling your pants up. "In these situations, we have to remember we aren't representing ourselves, but your prospective company. They will want you to represent them professionally." Forrest says.

Overall, The Owlettes gave important words of advice to the U School students in attendance. "Wait 24 hours to respond if you ever have a conflict with someone in the work environment because they can use anything you say against you." Overall, the interview workshop was a great success, inspiring, and ultimately encouraged U School students to think about the interview process and what it entails.

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