Saying No To Hunger

For the fourth month in a row, DonCARES is rewarding a family at The U School with a gift card to Wholefood Market. As part of our Say No To Hunger Initiative, we carefully select families who struggle with food insecurity. This month, however, the gift card is worth $100.00.

DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. Executive Director Donovan Forrest will never forget the news he received from one of his mentors during the 2017-2018 school year. "My mentee complains that he's hungry and sometimes there's just not enough to eat at home," Forrest says.

Since January 2019, DonCARES has granted over $300 in gift cards to families at The U School. The ultimate goal, however, is to reach $1,000 in support to families by December 2019. As captioned on DonCARES' Instagram page, "A good turn for a worthy family. The price has gone up on our Whole Foods gift cards. We are now giving away $100 gift cards to a family at the U School." #Saynotohunger

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