Mentoring Monday- Don & Sequoi

Don & his 9th grade mentee Sequoi were matched in January 2019. The two met during a Man Up Discussion for young men at The U School in North Philadelphia. Man-Up is is a specified initiative targeting male high school students at The U School. We specialize in providing support, guidance, and mentorship to at-risk males. ​DonCARES collaborates on these conversations with S.M.O.O.T.H Inc. Temple Chapter in providing insightful, educational, and engaging conversations for our male students. We address topics of conflict resolution, image, scholastic achievement, consent, and professionalism during our monthly conversations. The main objective of our conversations is to hold sobering conversations with our young men to prepare them to be successful students, community members, professionals, young men, sons, brothers, boyfriends etc.

Sequoi is originally from West Philadelphia and is passionate about music and social justice. During their time together, Sequoi shares lyrics from his recent music that he wrote and Don lends his ear in support. A few months ago, Don encouraged Sequoi to enter in The Sadie T.M. Alexander Social Justice Essay Contest where Sequoi won first place and used the $100 reward to get studio equipment to chase his dreams. In the future, Sequoi hopes to apply for jobs where he can use his money to buy more sneakers for his shoe collection. Don says he will definitely provide his support whenever and wherever necessary.

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