Pre-Service Spotlight: Carly Newton

Hometown: Poconos, Pennsylvania

Year/Age: Junior, 19

Major: Communications Studies with a minor in Public Relations

Favorite Quote:

“The true worth of a race must be measured by the character of its womanhood.”

-Mary McLeod Bethune

Why did you choose to get involved with DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc.?

I chose to get involved with DonCares because I think mentoring is essential and I saw the genuine work DonCares does for the community. Mentoring has had lasting impacts on me so I wanted to take my resources and knowledge and pour that back into young boys and girls.

How has mentoring work influenced your career decisions?

Mentoring has influenced my career decisions because it’s made me re-evaluate the type of job I choose. Specifically I evaluate if it is pouring anything purposeful into me. I only want to work with people or have a manager with a mentor dynamic.

How are you spending your summer?

I am currently spending my summer as an intern for Harlem’s Fashion Row. A company founded to provided a platform and support multicultural designers through events and multi-platform programs.

What impact has your internship had on your development as a black woman and undergraduate student?

Being an intern for Harlem Fashion Row has inspired and influenced my passion to advocate and highlight people of color who are underrepresented in so many spaces. My internship extends beyond Harlem, transcends Fashion even; seeing so many women of color using their platform to support other black women is beyond empowering for me.

This internship has expanded my perception of what I can achieve even as an undergraduate student. It has challenged and pushed me, as well as shown me that I can balance being active on campus and working. Additionally, it has given me various types of hands on experience and made me confident in the work that I do.