Pre-Service Spotlight: Nayanka Paul

Hometown: Reading, PA

Age: 20

Year/Major: Account Management Advertising; Senior Year

Favorite Quote: "People Change People." - Anonymous

Why did you choose to get involved with DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc.?

Because people change people. We have the power to influence others. I want to teach when I can to these students, as well as learn from them.

How has mentoring work influenced your career decisions?

It has influenced me to be a better leader, and has helped to show me the importance of being surrounded by a community and the power of working others.

How are you spending your summer?

I’ve been spending my summer building my brand, working out, working, traveling, and getting ready for school!

What impact has your internship had on your development as a black woman and undergraduate student?

To be honest these past four years have been extremely crucial to my development as a black women that far surpasses my experience gained in internships. Each and every person I have met along the way has shaped me into the black women I am today, and will be tomorrow.

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