Boots on the Ground

In January, 2017 DonCARES of Philadelphia began their academic tutoring sessions at the U School in North Philadelphia. The U School is an innovative high school that was founded by Principal Neil Geyette in 2011. Founder and President Donovan Forrest enjoys tutoring his eleventh grade mentee Kat G. at the U School. When asked about his experience mentoring, he states “Mentorship in our community is crucial. Our community’s future lies in the relationships that we as positive adults have with our children. It is those relationships that cultivate each student mentee’s sense of self-esteem, importance, and self-worth. When they see you doing it, they believe they can too.” Donovan states that “this is just the beginning.” Board members David, Crystal, Kaya, Trey, and Dominique are set to start tutoring in February.

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