Senior Series Panel

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019 DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. Mentors Madison Brown, Randell Williams, Anisa Ara, Kasey Bethea, Aaron Williams, and Donovan Forrest gave advice to Seniors in U School Humanities Teacher Charlie McGeehan's Capstone Class. The panelists answered the folllowing questions: What “wicked problem” drives your work? Why did you decide to do this work?How does your work seek to address the wicked problem?Do you have any events or opportunities for students to volunteer?

Two panels were held: one at 10:35 AM and another at 12:35. PM. During the first panel, Forrest and Williams shared the floor with three members of Cease Fire Philadelphia. Robert Warner, Program Manager of Cease Fire PA at Temple University shared his work experiences with inquisitive seniors at The U School. Warner shared how he and his fellow co-workers attempt to talk to gunshot victims at Temple University hospital about making better life choices and encouraged students to think critically about solutions to the high rate of gun violence in communities in Philadelphia.

Forrest charged students to think critically about building positive and edifying relationships with members of their community. "The solution is more simple than previously thought. The problem isn't the guns, we can have guns hanging on the walls of this classroom and they won't cause us harm. The problem is the emotionally and socially immaturity of those who use them to cause others harm. We need to focus on mentoring and engaging with young men and women in our community on a human level- one where we can enforce community, communication, and discourage destructive conflict." Forrest says.

U School Humanities Teacher Charlie McGeehan also encouraged his students to brainstorm about their proposed topics while charging them to think critically about how they will implement self-care throughout their research processes.