DonCARES hosts professional development for high school students at Fels High School

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, DonCARES Executive Director Donovan Forrest hosted a resume workshop for forty students at Samuel Fels High School. Forrest is a Graduate of Samuel Fels High School and was excited to be back at his Alma Mater.

The workshop consisted of four parts. The first part was a brief lecture on first impressions and how to make a good one. Forrest asked students to think about what makes a person impressionable. Students mentioned that the first thing they see when they meet someone for the first time is how they are dressed, second to their facial expression. Forrest also charged students to think about their body posture and whether they give firm handshakes.

The second part of the workshop consisted of a mock interview where Forrest and a high school student volunteer walked through a successful interview. Forrest also commented on the importance of researching the prospective company before they apply and proper dress wear for an interview.

The third part of the workshop required students to look at a mock resume and identify the type of information that was required. Students brainstormed ideas on how to gain volunteer experience and develop their skills. Forrest used a Prezi to provide examples of formatting for students. Students also identified key terms that they could use to identify their skills in professional terminology. One student mentioned that they were strong and was encouraged to use the terms "agile" and "sound" to describe their good physical health which could be used to lift heavy boxes in jobs that require restocking.

During the 2019-2019 school year, Forrest held four workshops that assisted over forty students with creating a resume and getting prepared for the workshop. Forrest is due back to Fels throughout October to assist more students with their resume development.

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