Neighborhood Clean-Up

On Saturday, October19, 2019, DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. and several other organizations from Temple University collaborated on a street clean up at The U School. In attendance were DonCARES mentors: Madison, Mariah, Mu, and Don. The other organizations that assisted in the block clean up were The Temple Owlettes, Queens Org, Temple University, The Queen in You, Temple Chapter, Alliance for Minority Participation, Temple Student Government and DND Philly.

DonCARES Founder Donovan Forrest was highly inspired by the block clean-ups S.M.O.O.T.H, Temple Chapter committed themselves to in the North Philadelphia community earlier last year. Last month, DonCARES Executive Director Donovan Forrest began reaching out to organizations to collaborate with on a block clean-up at The U School.

The U School is located at the corner of 7th and Norris, a few blocks away from Temple University and is the primary center of all DonCARES' mentoring efforts. Across the street from the school, new buildings are going up for low-income residents.

All in all, about forty college students of color from various organizations showed up to clean the grounds at The U School including the front of the school, basketball court and court yard, dumpster section of the back of the school, and side walk and street on Norris Street. Within an hour, the volunteers collected eleven bags of trash including and not limited to glass, boxes, sticks, spoiled food, and empty bottles. Temple University Police also helped provide trash bags and gloves for our volunteers.