#ThankfulThursday: Madison & India

On Wednesday, February 19th 2020, DonCARES Mentor Madison Brown and her 11th grade mentee India enjoyed a meal at The Dandelion Pub in Rittenhouse Square. The purpose of DonCARES restaurant outings is to give positive dining experiences for both mentees and their mentors. As an organization, we make sure that mentee leave outings knowing how to calculate a percentage tip to their server.

As the middle child of a single mother, India (10th grade) always wanted a bigger sister. As an active Philadelphia Futures Scholar, India was in search for a mentor to help guide her through her high school experience. Madison (sophomore) is a motivated student at Temple and joined DonCARES in the summer of 2019. Both India and Madison were matched in October 2018. Since the two became friends, they've built a resume, completed school work, explored post-secondary education options, gone to the 2019 Philly Auto Show, the movies, TGI Fridays, and Reading Termimal together.

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