Social Distancing & Mentoring

March 18, 2020



Dear Valuable Community Member, 


As an organization that values human connection, mentorship, check-ins, and encouragement, we are reflecting deeply on what social distancing, school-closures, and sudden changes in plans mean for our mentoring programs in our community. 


In addition to monitoring updates from the government and health experts, we are committed to maintaining the strength and health of each of our one-on-one mentoring matches. 


While our physical and geographical movements have been restricted, we encourage each of our mentors to continue checking in on their mentees through text, video-call, and email. While many of us can feel disconnected, it is important to remember your value as a mentor, friend, and community member. 


Tips for Maintaining your Mentoring Connections






Below are some resources shared with us by our partner organization: Mentor, Independence Region that could be useful during this time.

We are always here for you so, please email or call Don directly at or 717-706-7345 to obtain or share information regarding your mentoring efforts.


Be mindful. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, it may trigger trauma for young people impacted by the virus or by the news surrounding the pandemic. Let your mentee know that you see them and are there for them.