A Message from Our Executive Director

Greetings & Happy Spring,

As we wrap up our fourth program year a month early, I can not help but reflect on our grassroots organizing around mentorship. Since September 2015, our organization and its members have created many positive mentoring moments, smiles, and lasting memories.

Serving as founder, chairman and executive director has been an absolute pleasure. While the position I have been fortunate to hold has been both extremely rewarding and challenging, I haven't the slightest disbelief in the positive power of our mentoring work. For all of our hours of service, I am thankful.

Many know, how much my life has been centered around mentorship, service, and scholarship for the past five years as an undergraduate student at Temple University. Seeing the impact of our mentors, volunteers, administrators, and school partners have been nothing short of amazing. I always believed it was something special when college students of color stood up in their community, committed themselves to the moral uplift of their communities while serving as a mentor to a high school-aged student in North Philadelphia.

I write this letter not as a goodbye but as a celebration of our impact in our beloved community. As many of our members including myself, earn our degrees in a few short weeks, I am confident that we will continue to move forward with a service mindset. My sole hope is that we take the lessons we learned through our collective altruism to the next stage in our lives.

I wish you the best in your careers and even better in your personal lives. Congratulations, my fellow Class of 2020!

Yours in Service,

Donovan Forrest

Executive Director,

DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc.

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