Audacious Conversations

On Thursday, May 14th DonCARES hosted a Zoom Conversation titled: Audacious Conversation. Held from 6 to 7 PM on the 14th, DonCARES Executive Director was accompanied by fellow Temple Alum Joel Corpening and Keshelle Ormsby. During the call, the three had an intellectual conversation paying homage to Ella Baker and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Also, attendees watched a video on SNCC and read and analyzed the scholarly article: African American Student Activism in the 20th Century by V.P. Franklin.

April marked the 60th Anniversary of SNCC. Founded by Ella Baker on the campus of Shaw University during Easter weekend in 1960, DonCARES felt it necessary to discuss the goals of student organizers during the 1960s and its implications on college student activism today.

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