DonCARES Mentors Graduate from Temple University

On Thursday, May 7th, seven mentors from DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. earned their degrees from Temple University. DonCARES mentors: Nayanka Paul, Randell Daniels, Anisa Ara, Mariah Green, Natalia Garay, Shayla Chambers, Joel Corpening, and Donovan Forrest were among the graduates. While Temple University did not hold an in-person ceremony due to coronavirus concerns, Daniels, Ara, and Forrest met on campus to take pictures together in their caps and gowns.

In a post on LinkedIn, DonCARES Founder and President wrote: "I met both Randell and Anisa shortly after they applied to be mentors for my foundation DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. in September 2019. Seeing their immediate passion for mentorship, community uplift, and education made me grateful to be part of their journey. From our finals, week 2019 conversations about prison reform Anisa Ara and our late-night bidding (cracking jokes) in the tech center Randell Daniels (Hahahahaha) meeting you two and serving with you in our beloved community made my college career that much sweeter. Congrats, family!!"

Ara is an Incoming Technical Solutions Special at IBM Summit and Daniels is an Incoming Risk Consultant at Baker Tilly. Over the past year, both Ara and Daniels served as mentors to two high school seniors at The U School in North Philadelphia. In their initial dispatches, Randell responded: Thanks, Don! It was great serving alongside you. I look forward to serving with you much more as we move forward in our careers and purpose! Thanks for welcoming me to DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. with open arms! It’s been a pleasure!" DonCARES mentor Joel Corpening is a graduate from The Fox School of Business with a degree in Finance while Match Support person Mariah Green earned her degree in social work and political science. DonCARES mentor Natalia Garay earned her degree in Public Relations and Image Management while Shayla earned her degree in Communication & Media Studies. DonCARES Mentor Nayanka Paul also earned her degree in Advertising. The remaining undergraduate team of DonCARES mentors are extremely proud of the Spring 2020 Graduates and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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