DonCARES Hosts Groove Phi Groove, Social Fellowship, Inc.

On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, DonCARES and Mr. Forrest's classroom hosted members of Groove Phi Groove, Social Fellowship Inc. Groove Phi Groove, Social Fellowship, Inc. was founded at Morgan State College as an alternative to mainstream historically Black Greek-lettered fraternities. It has one sister organization, Swing Phi Swing.

Groove members Drew, Christian, and Collin talked to 9th graders in Mr. Forrest's classroom about their organization's history, legacy, and service in the community. During the panel Drew, a senior Civil Engineering Major at Temple University discussed both social service and justice. Stating that both are important, Drew discussed the importance of making a change in oppressive structures to obtain justice.

Collin is a graduate of Montclair University and helps DonCARES and has participated in their Summer hydration walk-in center city. During the panel, he discussed the importance of positive representation in the community which is why he and his fellow members of Groove Phi Groove, Social Fellowship, Inc. serve as much as they can and spread positive narratives about black culture abroad.

Christian, a native of North Philadelphia shared a powerful story of mentorship. As a member of Groove Phi Groove, Social Fellowship, Inc. Christian shared that he looks up to one of his older brothers because of how much he has accomplished in so a short time. In addition, he shared that his role model taught him the importance of not forgetting where you come from and always remembering to give back.

All in all, students in Mr. Forrest's classroom thoroughly enjoyed their guests. As the fifth speaker event in The Sankofa Speaker Series, Forrest is excited to bring at least two more events to his students before the end of the school year. As an initiative started by DonCARES in 2021, The Sankofa Speaker Series aims to introduce high school students in North Philadelphia to young black professionals in their community who are leading enterprises, pursuing an education, and giving back to their communities.

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