Hidden Figures Panel: Nayanka, Kayla, and Jasmine

On Friday, March 12, 2021, DonCARES and Mr. Forrest's classroom hosted three phenomenal panelists for a Hidden Figures Panel Discussion for Women's History Month. Kayla Martin from Temple Law, Nayanka Paul from Bloody Bitches, and Jasmine Mays from Villanova’s COVID Prevention Pantry discussed their current professional endeavors, college life, and how they define success as black women.

Hidden Figures No More is an initiative started by DonCARES in 2018 that aims to introduce high school students in North Philadelphia to young black women in their community who are leading enterprises, pursuing an education, and giving back to their communities.

Kayla is a 3L at Temple University Beasley School of Law and The Chief Editor of The Temple Law Review. During the panel. Kayla shared the importance of being around people who will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. She also touched on the prevalence of her work around secondary sources. Students in Mr. Forrest's 9th grade Writing Seminar were able to learn tips for researching from a credible source in Kayla.

Nayanka Paul is an Alum of Temple University and the Founder and President of Bloody Bitches, a menstrual equity non-profit. During the panel, Nayanka shared the importance of connecting with like minds, learning from, and connecting with fellow students at school.

Jasmine Mays is a recent graduate of Villanova University and also the founder of Villanova University's Covid Prevention Pantry. Mays shared the role the murder of George Floyd and the protests played in her getting active in her community.

All in all, Jasmine, Nayanka, and Kayla challenges 9th-grade students in Mr. Forrest's Writing Seminar class to think outside of the box for what is possible for black women. All three panelists shared expert knowledge about college life, research, community organizing, and entrepreneurship.

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